Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper

5/5 stars

"Its like somebody gave me a puzzle, but I don't have the box with the picture on it. So I don't know what the final thing is supposed to look like. I'm not even sure if I have all the pieces."

This book, may be one of the most inspirational pieces of literature I have ever read.

10 year old Melody is a genius, every word she has ever heard she has memorized, every fact she has seen on the History Channel she knows, but everyone thinks Melody is "retarded" because Melody has cerebral palsy and has never spoken a single word in her life. The only emotion she has ever been able to show through her body is what she calls a "tornado", or when she gets excited/frustrated and flails her limbs in an uncontrollable motion and screeches. However, Melody's life takes a turn for the better when she learns information on a new product called the Medi-Talker, which she sees her idol Stephen Hawkings using on a History Channel special, which for the first time in her life, will allow Melody to talk and even tell her parents "I love you".
Soon everyone learns what Melody is capable of and soon becomes renown for her intelligence. Though some people may not believe it at first, like the school bullies Claire and Molly, or Mr.Dillings, Melodys skeptical History teacher, everyone soon learns that Melody is a star!

This book is a real tear-jerker. I cried more then once (5 times I think to be exact, simply because Melody's perseverance and story is so touching and heart warming. This book gives me a new perspective on life and makes me want to learn more about Cerebral Palsy and see if I, myself, could somehow help someone with it.

This is truly a beautiful piece of literature and I applaud Ms. Draper's amazing writing technique. Thank you for this amazing book!

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